Frequent questions

Frequently asked questions from Agents and Agencies

NO. The requirements to be an Agent or Agency on REAL ESTATE IN THE CANARY Islands are the following:

Possess a duly registered CIF/NIF or self-employed number.

Own a physical location to be able to receive customers not at the bar.

We think that these two criteria are at least the basis for being able to give the certainty that being part of REAL ESTATE IN THE CANARY IS synonymous with seriousness.

REAL ESTATE IN THE CANARY in addition to guaranteeing a place where only real professionals have the space they deserve, it works every day to generate the highest number of real estate contacts. Approximately 70% of all the income generated is reinvested to attract visitors to the site and for SEO and SEM positioning as well as to increase the visibility of the brand.

Real Estate in the Canary Islands was created to offer a vertical advertisement and visibility service on the Canary Islands. The reason why you should choose a portal like ours is because you work in one of the 8 Canary Islands and you would like to make your ads more visible, especially to the Italian public. 

The difference we propose, between our site and the BIG WEB's in the sector, lies precisely in the fact that with a smaller quantity of adverts to check we can guarantee reliability, rapid dedicated support and REAL adverts. What is important to us is not the quantity of ads, but the quality of the ads. There must never be any flirtatious adverts, scam or fraud adverts and adverts from fake real estate agents without even being self-employed or having a place of work.

In the PRICES or SUBSCRIPTIONS section, you will find the 4 primary products all on a monthly basis to give you the possibility of not having to pay annual fees. However, if you would like a special SUBSCRIPTION, contact us and we will do everything we can for you.

Frequently asked questions from visitors and customers

On REAL ESTATE IN THE CANARY Islands we try to guarantee the highest standard of adverts possible, therefore we think you can feel safe in contacting agents or agencies on this site. However, REAL ESTATE IN THE CANARY Islands cannot be held responsible for scams or illegal activities devised by agents or agencies present here.

You should know that private negotiations seem more convenient but can be very dangerous. The Agents or Agencies carry out the task of guaranteeing a negotiation as much as possible according to the protection between buyer and seller. Unfortunately, private adverts are very difficult to control as they could be published by ill-intentioned people. For this reason we do not allow advertisements from private individuals.

Here in the Canary Islands, sales prices usually include the commissions of Agents or Agencies, therefore we expect that the only additional expenses you will have to bear are the costs of registers, notaries and changes of ownership of existing contracts. In any case, however, always check first by specifically asking if commissions are included in the price so as not to have unpleasant surprises later.

YES! Real estate in the Canary Islands is the idea of an Italian who has lived in the Canary Islands for about 10 years. 

YES! We are also physically present in our offices at Av. de Colon 5 Local 12, CC Agua Marina, Puerto Colon, Adeje.

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