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Here private individuals cannot publish their adverts, but if you are looking for a house you are in the right place! Find out why you should search here and do your detailed research! Scroll down!

Properties for sale in Adeje - Tenerife - Canary Islands

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Safe ads

Here the bad guys don't publish. We only allow ads from professionals.

Check ads

We make sure to verify every advert and check the information.

Serious agents

The Agents you will find here must first provide us with proof that they are a company or self-employed.

Real agencies

The Agencies you will find here will only be verified Agencies with offices open to the public.

Or entrust us with the personalized search!

There are many websites where you can buy or sell your house in the Canary Islands, but here on REAL ESTATE IN THE CANARY Islands, the difference is made by the people you will deal with! 

If you want to entrust the search to US directly or to a reference agent on the island you are looking for, use our PROPERTY FINDER service!

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Who we are?

REAL ESTATE IN THE CANARY ISLANDS is part of the group TODA CANARIAS. With the same transparency and desire to do that we have used up to now, we have created this web project that can be a safe environment, in which each of you can find the best real estate agencies that you can rely on without being afraid of running into fake ads.

New reviews

“We turned to these guys from the Toda Canarias group and we must say that we never expected them to be so serious and professional. This new project has everything it takes to be a success and we will recommend them to many! Suerte!”
“ My wife and I have followed the boys on social media for some time. When we met them we immediately understood that it wasn't fiction. They are competent and empathetic people, they put us in a position to find our new home without worries!”
“ This new project initially did not convince us. But once we met in person, we understood that what they say and write coincides with reality. I have only found serious and reliable people here and I recommend others to look for their next home here!”

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