Draft law on short-term rentals in the Canary Islands

Draft law on short-term rentals in the Canary Islands: something doesn't add up.

Let's talk about the proposed draft The draft law on tourist rentals in the Canary Islands, presented to the public on April 3rd, has aroused heated and conflicting reactions: on the one hand the hoteliers, who have uncorked the bottle in the face of the (temporary) annihilation of their "adversaries", on the other the owners of VV (Viviendas Vacacionales), who felt they were under deliberation...

increase in real estate prices in the Canary Islands

Increase in real estate prices in the Canary Islands: fault of the Italians?

It's all the Italians' fault "It's all the Italians' fault that rents and house prices have grown so much in recent years!" It's a phrase that anyone who has lived in the Canary Islands for several years will have heard repeated over and over again, like a broken record. People struggle to distinguish their perception, derived from their personal experience, from the reality that, instead, tells...

buy a house in the canaries

Buying or Renting a House in the Canary Islands: Pros and Cons to Consider

The Canary Islands, set in the sparkling blue of the Atlantic Ocean, have always been a popular destination for those who want a corner of paradise to call home and change their lives by embracing a more relaxed lifestyle. However, the choice between buying and renting a home here requires careful consideration. Let's explore the pros and cons of both options together. Buying a House at...

rentals in the canaries

Rentals in the Canary Islands: Difference between Corta and Larga Temporada

The fascinating Canary Islands, with their year-round temperate climate and breathtaking landscapes, are an increasingly popular destination for those seeking an exotic retreat or a new housing opportunity. When it comes to rentals, however, it is important to understand the subtle differences between "corta temporada" and "larga temporada" to make an informed and satisfying choice for your needs. Rentals at...

rent a house in the canaries

Renting a House in the Canaries during the Winter: Which Island to Choose

If you are looking for a winter escape to a corner of paradise, the Canary Islands are the perfect choice. However, it is essential to point out that not all islands have the same climate during the winter. In this article, you will discover which islands to choose for renting a house in the Canary Islands in the colder months and why Tenerife and Gran Canaria stand out as the most popular destinations. We will give...

where to buy a house in the canaries

Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Home in the Canary Islands: The Key Factors to Consider

The Canary Islands offer a wide range of possibilities when it comes to buying a dream home. However, your choice of location plays a critical role in defining the experience and value of your property. In this article, we'll explore the key factors to consider when looking for the ideal location to buy a house in the Canary Islands, so you can make sure you do the...

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