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Our mission

Real estate in the Canary Islands wants to become a reference portal for buying or selling houses, apartments or villas in the Canary Islands. 

The large advertisement portals are finding it increasingly difficult to defend themselves from potential flirtatious advertisements or outright scams. For this reason, we believe that a more specific portal, specialized in a single area and with a single native language, is a good solution to have higher quality of adverts. Having a smaller number of adverts to check is certainly an added value to avoid duplication of adverts, different prices on the same apartments or non-existent agencies.

Our mission focuses on verticalizing the real estate sector geolocalized in the Canary Islands and mainly for the Italian public, to try to guarantee a high level of quality of advertisements and a sector-specific reference market.

Request a FREE valuation of your property

Through the network of professionals registered on CANARY REAL ESTATE we can obtain an evaluation of your property from those who know the area in which it is located. Often a "slow" sale is motivated by an incorrect valuation of the property and an OFF-MARKET request.

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