Work with us!

If you are a serious and freelance professional but you don't work for any agency and you don't have the possibility of having your own website or office, MAYBE YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! If you have already heard about us, CONTACT US, otherwise continue reading below and find out why we are looking for people like you!

Work with us at real estate in the Canary Islands

Who are we looking for...


We know that those who come to live in the Canary Islands often want to work less, but here to do well we need WORKERS who want to grow personally and economically!


Unfortunately, real estate agents do not enjoy a good reputation and are often mere businessmen. We don't judge those who only look at money, but here we are looking for HONEST people to sleep soundly!


Those who do nothing on the beach perhaps never make mistakes, those who work can make mistakes! Here we are looking for people who are RESPONSIBLE in their work and not INFALLIBLE. By making mistakes you learn and by learning you improve!


We need ABLE people with a minimum of experience because our business is SELLING! We don't give any kind of course but we can share our knowledge!

What do we offer you?

Neither a job as an employee, nor easy money. Here you have to be independent and you have to work and we will give you all our support based on your commitment!

Agent Profile

First of all we give you a control panel to customize in every detail with your contacts and ads and obviously you will be recognizable as a REAL ESTATE AGENT IN THE CANARY Islands!

FREE portal

Instead of having to pay to have ads published on your site that perhaps no one sees, we make our entire portal available to you for FREE to publish your ads!

CRM and management

Inside the dashboard you get, you will be able to manage all your contacts and customers and we will provide you with a company email with your name to give evidence of seriousness to your customers instead of using GMAIL.

Office and desk

We make our office available to you to make appointments and manage your ads and contacts. This way you will be professional and you will not have to see your customers at the BAR.

In addition to all this for FREE, we give you the paper material to use, professional folders, forms with the CANARY REAL ESTATE logos and we'll take care of spending on MARKETING to make your adverts visible!

Does this seem like little to you?

If that still doesn't seem like much to you, you're right, we can do better! 

Here at REAL ESTATE IN THE CANARY Islands we give VALUE to those who bring VALUE.

YOU work, YOU spend your time, YOU use your experience, YOU put your face to it and should others earn more than you?

YOUR job
YOUR commissions!

It seems more than fair to us that since most of the work is YOURS, the commissions should also be mostly YOURS and not the other way around!

To make everything we have listed available to you, we will do it for FREE until you have made your sale! Our basic services will ALWAYS be FREE for our collaborating agents, we will invoice a percentage of your commission equal to 15% upon completion of the sale for each property sold!

Contact us to sign the collaboration contract and immediately start earning what you deserve from your work, with all our support! 

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